Benefits of having a stager if you’re a builder

A House Stager has so much potential for business with builders and their new homes. As a professional staging company, we are happy to shed some light on why it’s best for builders to use a qualified stager.

1)  One-Stop Shop
The Staging House is equipped with everything a builder would need to decorate or stage a new home. With just one call or email, a property can be transformed. We have a 6,000 square foot warehouse full of inventory and plenty of support staff to carry out the project. The logistics are also completely covered. Transportation is included because being 100% accessible is they key to fostering a trusting relationship with a builder.

2)  Demographic Knowledge
A professional home stager knows that every house carries with it the potential to have a slightly different demographic.
Demographics is everything in this business; it is the first priority and the Staging House recognizes this. We customize new builds to the multiple demographics whether it be towards a family home, young couple, elderly etc. and we have a vast variety of inventory to choose from. It’s all about taste, class and style, but geared toward a unique audience every time.

3)  Budget
We know that a budget is always the focal point in a builder’s eye and we respect that! The Staging House has been established for eight years and during this time has built massive credibility and relationships with suppliers.
This affects the builder’s budgets in a very positive way since we can acquire deals on merchandise from the wholesalers and trade shows.

Small builders who are just starting out don’t have an in-house team yet. Often a family member or spouse ends up on the job site as “the decorator” (this all comes down to the builder’s experience). I think we can all agree that is not ideal, for many reasons, but for example; the builder may not be able to voice his concerns if the design is off. Plus these pseudo-stagers are most likely not up to date with trends or hitting the correct demographic.

Often times they also use items from their own home in an effort to stay on budget, which just does not work!
Statistics show that leaving the house vacant will result in a property not selling nearly as fast. A house that sits on the market a long time vacant starts to look unkept after a while. What a shame!

Tip for the Builders – Create the relationship with whoever you choose, whether its a stager or decorator. But building a strong and trusting relationship is paramount to any working relationship. A builder should be able to pick up the phone and know the job will get done from start to finish.

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