5 tips for placing furniture

Believe it or not, the furniture in your home can make or break the sale when you’re trying to move. Obviously, everyone has different taste on couches or chairs but that’s not even the case! Read on for some tips on how to use furniture the right way to score that sale.

1. Sofas
Don’t place sofas where they would visually block the room. Typically, sofa’s are not designed to be as appealing from the back, so why showcase that? We never want to see the back of your couch because it instantly closes off the room, eliminating the open feeling and flow.

2. Don’t Block the Feature
There are areas in your home that capture the attention of potential buyers, for example; fireplaces or large sunny windows. Don’t bock them! All too often we panic about space and the size of existing furniture and don’t realize that we have placed it right in front of the bay window with the view of the pool. In any room, there should be a clear sightline – don’t self sabotage.

3. Lamps
Use larger lamps. We’re not sure how most people are reading in bed next to teeny tiny lamps these days. Go big…literally, scale is very important. Lamps have a dramatic effect on a room and look best when they are paired. Large lamps make a room brighter and play a huge role, they complete any space.

4. Coffee Tables
Forget about the oversized boat you call a coffee table that reaches to every sofa and chair in the room. In this case, scale plays a different role; the smaller the better. Small tables visually show more space. You want potential buyers to feel like there is so much room to run and jump in your living room, not trip over or squeeze by that gigantic coffee table.`

5. Barstools
Think quality over quantity. It’s much better to go with 2-3 barstools at a peninsula or island than 5-6. Sure, you may have a big family but it’s not happy hour at the tiki bar…it’s breakfast in the kitchen. Too many stools make things look crammed. Always try to make a space light and airy, less is usually best.

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